Board of Directors

Brian N. Johnson, Chair

Len Loewen, Vice Chair

Eric Fridfinnson, Secretary

Reg Johnson, Treasurer

Frode Andersen

Richard Chomokovski (Municipal Representative)

Melvyn Eyolfson

Harold Foster (Municipal Representative)

Lorne Johnson

David King

Barry Magnusson

Evan Smolinski

Ernie Weik

Formally established as a “community service cooperative” in April of 2012, BASIC (the Bifrost Agricultural Sustainability Community Service Cooperative Inc.) started in 2008 when Bifrost farmers banded together to determine what could be done about the excess moisture conditions being experienced in the area.  "During the years 2005 -2014, excess moisture was the leading cause of crop loss in Manitoba as shown on this chart which was presented at the July 12, 2016 “Building on Innovation” conference.”

MB Causes of Ag Loss slide


Working in partnership with the Municipality of Bifrost-Riverton, the membership of this multi-stakeholder Incorporated Cooperative totals almost 200. The Cooperative is managed by a Board of Directors of eleven Directors, elected from the overall membership, and two representatives of the Municipality.     Organizational Structure


The Federal/Provincial Growing Forward 2, Growing Actions Program funds all activities of BASIC including Labour, Survey/Engineering, Vehicle/Transportation, Crop Trials/Agronomy Research, Equipment, Office Supplies and Contingency.  Erosion control demonstration plots have been funded through donations and volunteer hours.  Work to evaluate fish habitats is entirely funded by a separate grant from the Fish & Wildlife Enhancement Fund.  No Municipal money has been used to pay for BASIC initiatives.  All drainage rehabilitation (the actual earth-moving, culverts, etc) has been paid for using Municipal funds.  No BASIC money has been  used to pay for Municipal drainage work.  The Municipality of Bifrost-Riverton contributed $650,000 in 2016/17 and will continue to commit significant amounts in future.  In addition,  local farmers are in the process of establishing a  4 million dollar municipal levy for drainage work.  


BASIC has a broad mandate, addressing the effects of climate change, flooding of homes and agricultural land, drainage rehabilitation, restoration of the fish habitat, erosion control to prevent run-off into our lakes and rivers and the identification of crops and varieties that perform well under excess moisture conditions.  In order to address all of these issues, management of BASIC is assisted by a number of committees which include BASIC members as well as Municipal representatives and appointees from related organizations in the community and from several departments of the Provincial Government.




Our Organization


 Pat McCallum, Project Administrator 

Kyle Stadnek, Project Manager

Cindy Stansell, Project Finance


  Ken Stadnek, Drainage Consultant

BASIC Bifrost Riverton   204-641-5112                                                     created June 2017